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Beautiful ~ Simple ~ Elegant

Handmade jewelry that shares the healing properties of the earth with you ~ or someone you love.


Beautiful handmade earrings of original Vasant Designs with stunning semiprecious gemstones from all around the world that emit their healing properties of the earth ~ to you.

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Elegant handmade necklaces of original Vasant Designs featuring gorgeous pendants with natural gemstones each with their own mystical healing energies.

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Rings & Bracelets

Unique rings and bracelets by Vasant Designs featuring a variety of luminous gemstones that bring style and elegance to any outfit from blue jeans to formal wear.

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Vasant ~ Artist Statement

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When you see something beautiful in someone, let them know. It may take just a moment ~ but for them, it could last a lifetime.

I received a Vasant Design necklace as a gift - and it is by far my favorite piece of jewelry...ever. I never want to take it off - I get compliments on it all the time. 


"Whenever I'm wearing this necklace, I feel better," said a woman who was grieving her husband who had chosen an aqua marine necklace. Aqua marine is a stone that relieves the pain of grief and brings joy and happiness.

What stone calls to you? 

My work is very physical so I usually wear very practical clothes - but just by putting on a pair of your beautiful earrings, I feel feminine and elegant again.